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Seema is a recognised entrepreneurial visionary who has contributed business insight with previous UK Disabilities Minister Justin Tomlinson, Easy Group’s Richard Shackleton, New Covent Garden Soup’s Founder and many more. She has 12 years experience of running her own service based businesses in Central London, as well as 10 years working as an Education Officer for the RNIB, 5 years working as a Careers Advisor in West London and 20 years as a Private Landlord.  

Seema Flower is one of the Shaw Trust Power 100 most influential disabled people in the UK 2020.

Seema is an inspirational and experienced professional, advocate and disability rights champion who has enthused many people to achieve their full ambition and potential through telling her own story. She has been registered blind since she was 9 years old; however this has not stopped her building a successful chain of businesses and property portfolio. She has developed resilience and a unique gift for inspiring others through the many challenges she has overcome daily and over the past four decades of living with blindness. In recognition of her achievements, she has recently won London 2018 Venus Awards for Inspirational Woman of the Year (dubbed by Channel 4 as the Working Women’s Oscars).

Seema is confident and astute with excellent communication skills which have enabled her to become a media personality and influencer. She is in regular demand from the BBC and other media organisations for TV, Radio, online and print interviews to discuss disability issues and associated entrepreneurial challenges and effective strategies for overcoming these challenges.  She has a unique and fresh perspective and a message which resonates with audiences across the country.  “I aspire to reach as many groups and individuals as possible with an impactful message that has become our mark with the aim of reducing the inequalities and social isolation that many face within our society.”

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