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Blind Ambition International supports people of all ages living with disabilities within the UK and also Asia and Africa. We started from a focus on blind and partially-sighted people, but have seen that we can make an impact for anyone in society who is disadvantaged by their circumstances. This is driven by our passionate belief that everyone has the right to advocate for themselves, get their voice heard and be on a level playing field.

People with disabilities consistently tell us that one of the biggest impacts on their lives and personal wellbeing is the exclusion that they experience. This being apart from others and society in general affects their ability to:

  • find work

  • make a meaningful contribution

  • cope financially

  • learn new things and

  • connect with others

It makes them much more likely to be victims of crime, suffer mental health challenges as well as further physical symptoms.

At Blind Ambition International we know that this exclusion does not have to be the usual way of operating. We drive better outcomes for all, through social inclusion.

Our programmes are built from lived experience and hit right at the core of solving the challenges through practical interventions. These include:

  • career and employment coaching and development – for individuals and organisations alike to get the benefit of diverse skills

  • advanced training workshops of how technology can open up opportunities

  • building positive image, life skills, confidence, delivery and wellbeing – regardless of our circumstances

  • successfully linking with local community, organisations and groups

  • unlocking barriers to access and addressing areas of stigma and stereotype

To see more of our impact, go to the ‘what we have done’ section of this site.

And to be a part of our latest work, check out the ‘current campaigns’. You can be a part of making a genuine difference.

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