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Welcome to BlindAmbition International, the nonprofit sister organization to BlindAmbition, an international award-winning commercial training provider dedicated to companies and organizations.


Our core mission is to bridge the employment gap for blind and partially sighted individuals. We achieve this through a dual approach: offering commercial training to businesses on inclusivity and accessibility and providing funded training programs specifically designed for blind and partially sighted people to prepare them for the workforce.


BlindAmbition International's comprehensive training covers everything from CV preparation and presentation skills to interview techniques, confidence, and resilience training, all tailored to empower our participants to secure, attain, and retain employment.

At BlindAmbition International, we extend our support to individuals of all ages living with disabilities, both within the UK and globally. Although our journey began with a focus on assisting blind and partially-sighted individuals, our impact has grown to encompass anyone disadvantaged by their circumstances. We are driven by the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to advocate for themselves, have their voice heard, and enjoy a level playing field.

Exclusion from work and society greatly affects individuals with disabilities, hindering their ability to find employment, make meaningful contributions, cope financially, learn new skills, and connect with others. This exclusion increases their likelihood of experiencing crime, mental health challenges, and additional physical symptoms. However, at BlindAmbition International, we believe that such exclusion is not inevitable. Our mission is to foster better outcomes for all through social inclusion.


Our programs, crafted from lived experiences, directly address these challenges with practical solutions. We offer:


  • Career and employment coaching and development for individuals and organizations to harness diverse skills.

  • Advanced training workshops demonstrating how technology can create new opportunities.

  • Initiatives to build positive self-image, life skills, confidence, well-being, and effective delivery, irrespective of circumstances.

  • Efforts to forge strong connections with local communities, organizations, and groups.

  • Strategies to overcome access barriers and tackle stigma and stereotypes.


Discover the impact we’ve made in the 'What We Have Done' section of our site and see how you can contribute to meaningful change in our 'Current Campaigns'. Join us at BlindAmbition International in making a genuine difference.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


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